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2009-06-04 09:16 am

Excerpt 1: Shooting Starman

A short story I've been writing whenever there's a lull in life, which hasn't been often enough...

...Suddenly there was a flash, a stream of light fell across the morning sky and fell to the field like lightening.

I took a step back and stopped in my tracks, staring up at where the light had been. Wondering now, not sure what to do, not even sure that I'd seen anything. The snow was thick by now, coming down faster with each step I took. I was cold and scared and so far away from the house. What was I doing out here? What was a little girl doing in a field, during a freak snowstorm?

I had to go forward. I just had to. I'd dreamt of this moment. I had to prove everyone wrong, that it wasn't just a dream--my Daddy had sent this snow. I didn't know why or how, I just knew I had to follow the course of that ray of light. I didn't know what would meet me but I was compelled to keep going.

 Continuing towards the field, stepping high in the snow that was now up to my shins, I ignored my burning lungs and the loud voice of reason telling me to turn around and go home. Get back to the house before you freeze to death, it seemed to be saying. I didn't turn back, though. I kept high-stepping it until I reached the low-lying branches of the oak tree.

I was getting increasingly cold. The coat I was wearing, designed to deal with normal Georgia temperatures, wasn't cutting it. I didn't want to even think about my legs, covered only in the thin cottoned pajama pants I had worn to bed. Bed, where I'd been only a few short minutes ago--safe and warm.

I tried to not think about any of this as I whipped around, looking for signs of where that ray of light was. For a long moment I kept turning in circles. There was nothing! Nothing but white. I couldn't even see the house for all the white.
Minutes ticked away. I was growing even more frightened now. Which direction was the way back? Should I call for help? What use would that do, everyone was still inside asleep. I started picturing the moment my Mama woke up, looking out the window at a blanched out horizon and finding me nowhere.

"Mama!" I attempted, my voice hollow and hoarse.

 I took a step forward and that's when it struck. A second streak of light, much faster than the other, that pummeled into the oak tree behind me. What followed was a quick and deafening crackling, like bones being snapped. I couldn't move and just stood there, squinting to make out the split outline of the oak tree. Walking closer, I noticed a glow, a shimmer of a thousand colors.

Out of these alien colors came the stark figure of a man, crouching as if he had just jumped from somewhere and landed on his haunches. He was poised there, in front of the tree, with his back turned to me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He turned his head and stood.